Activity / Project Ideas Submission

Submit your ideas for consideration by the Route 66 Centennial Commission for national, multi, or single-state Route 66 Centennial activities, projects, events, or programs. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by one of four Commission Working Groups and, if qualified, forwarded to the full Route 66 Centennial Commission for consideration as an officially recommended activity to Congress to honor Route 66 on its 100th anniversary. 

The Commission's role is to recommend Centennial projects to Congress. No funding is available for projects from the Route 66 Centennial Commission.

Submissions will be notified of results on a rolling quarterly basis.

Activity / Project Ideas Submission Post Form

Activity / Project Info

Commemoratives & Publications

  • Seeks ideas that recognize the role Route 66 has and continues to play in our nation’s history through projects and programs that publicly honor the Road and the people associated with it.


  • Seeks ideas that enhance the overall Route 66 experience for tourists and locals alike, and foster sustained economic benefits across the road, through the preservation and improvement of Route 66 infrastructure assets.

Events & Celebrations

  • Seeks ideas that involve the public in special, unique, and fun activities/events that mark the historic milestone of Route 66’s 100th anniversary.

International & National Marketing

  • Seeks ideas that drive national and international tourism for maximum impact through visitor spending, through the promotion of celebrations, commemorations, and other activities that honor the 100th anniversary of Route 66.
Provide a summary of the Activity/Project in 170 words or less.
The strategy of the Route 66 Centennial is to celebrate and commemorate the historic milestone of the 100th Anniversary of Route 66 – and leverage it to honor the road by helping the millions who live, work, and travel along it. In 75 words or less explain how the Activity/Project aligns with this Strategy.
Has the Activity / Project been done before? Is it ongoing? Or is this a new Activity / Project?
Is this a one time or recurring Activity / Project?
Will government funds [local, state, federal] be needed/used to support the Activity / Project? If so, are they already available? If yes, explain. If no, outline the plan for how they will be secured.
Will private sponsorship funds be needed/used to support the Activity / Project? If so, are they already available? If yes, explain. If no, outline the plan for how they will be secured.
What is the scale of the Activity / Project in terms of participation, attendance, or exposure?
Explain why you selected the participant scope range in 75 words or less.
Per its enabling legislation, the Route 66 Centennial Commission is not authorized or responsible for implementing Route 66 Centennial Activities/Project. Rather it is charged with recommending Activities/Projects to Congress, along with identifying one or more entities in the Federal Government the Commission considers most appropriate to carry out its recommendations. With this in mind, is there a Federal Agency you would recommend for helping carry out your Project/Activity? Briefly explain why.

Point of Contact for the Activity/Project

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