About the Commission

Congress established the Route 66 Centennial Commission to study and recommend fitting and proper activities to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Mother Road of the United States, U.S. Route 66, in 2026. Including members from each of the eight states along Historic Route 66, the Commission is using a set of seven strategic principles to identify activities including:

  • Celebrate & Honor
  • Preserve, Protect & Enhance
  • Generate Tourism Demand
  • Tourism Development
  • Economic
  • National Collaboration
  • Research & Education


Rod Reid standing in front of a brick wall.

Rod Reid (Chair)


Shepherd Hills Factory Outlets

A woman, Jen Paul Schroer, in a blue suit smiling for the camera.

Jen Paul Schroer (Vice-Chair)

Cabinet Secretary

New Mexico Aging & Long-Term Services Dept

A woman in a business suit posing for a photo, featuring Caroline Beteta.

Caroline Beteta

President & CEO

Visit California

A smiling woman in a pink dress standing on a street named Danielle Blackshear.

Danielle Blackshear

Transportation Specialist

Federal Highway Administration

A man named Mark Falzone in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.

Mark Falzone

President & CEO

Scenic America

A man in a suit and tie standing in front of flags at a Tim Gatz event.

Tim Gatz

Secretary of Transportation

Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation

A woman wearing a black jacket and necklace named Debbie Johnson.

Debbie Johnson

Sr. Vice President

Miles Partnership

Dale Oglesby in front of a stone wall.

Dale Oglesby


Kansas Route 66 Association

A woman named Joan in a purple shirt smiling for the camera.

Joan Sestak

Director of Community & Government Relations

University of Illinois - Springfield

A woman wearing a white shirt and pearls in front of an American flag during an auto draft.

Hon. Juliana Stratton

Lieutenant Governor

State of Illinois

A man in a suit and tie.

Trait Thompson

Executive Director

Oklahoma Historical Society

A man named William in a suit standing in front of a brick wall.

William Thomas

Road Ahead Chair

Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership

Michael Wallis smiles in front of a group of people.

Michael Wallis

Co-founder, Route 66 Alliance

Route 66 Alliance

A smiling man in a suit and green tie named Richard Ware.

Richard Ware


Amarillo National Bank